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posted on 15 Aug 2015 20:26 by eyehospital2015
It's a hard job to get the many thousands of hot new sunglasses around right now, down to a final perfect ten, but I've done a lot of research so you don't have to.

I have taken many factors into account such as offering a range of different looks that can be used in different situations, a good spread of prices, and hopefully enough options to keep the girls and the boys happy.

Ray Ban Aviators

So we'll start with some retro cool to keep both sexes happy with the classic Ray Ban Aviators. Yes, they are very 80s and yes Tom Cruise was a lot cooler then but this is a style that will always be popular.

1980s fashion is firmly back in favor, and of course with the Ray Ban tag you know that you are getting a quality product. They are actually a pretty versatile look too, coming in different sizes and colors and varying greatly in price from around 85 dollars to as much as 240.

Spy Optics Tron SunglassesSo the Aviators are a little too understated for you are they? Well why not indulge your outrageous side with this pair of Tron sunglasses from Spy Optics.

Don't let those striking looks fool you though, as there is plenty of substance here as well as style. The lenses make sure your eyes are covered from all angles, and depending on the color way you choose they can be suitable for either males or females. They are also a great option when cycling -- see practical too!

Smith Maverick SunglassesSmith Mavericks are rockstar all the way and have a unisex styling so really it's only the choice of frame color that would distinguish them as being either a male or female choice. They are available in different frame colors and different lens colors so there should be something to suit most of us.

They don't quite have a rockstar price tag, but they are a little rods eye expensive than most of the others we've listed here at around 200 dollars.

color change contacts great thing about them though is obviously they are a tremendous build quality and with such a timeless style you can get away with wearing these for years to come.

Tifosi Women's Slip Shield SunglassesDespite being labeled as "women's" sunglasses I think they would only be suitable for a woman when partaking in sport rather than strutting their stuff on the beach. But obviously it depends on your personal style, which is what makes this pair such a great choice.

They have a beautiful, elegant look to the frames, but the lenses have a sporty look. These cool sunglasses are easily adjustable and really comfortable to wear. This particular model ofTifosi sunglasses are a huge favorite with cyclists too.

Available from Amazon for between 40-77 dollars depending on your color choice.

Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses

Obviously Oakley is synonymous with quality and these Fuel Cell sunglasses are one of my favorite styles of the moment. What's not to love!

They have a great wraparound style to make sure your peepers are protected, but they don't look over the top fashionable. Have you been thinking of getting rid of glasses or contact lenses through a refractive eye surgery procedure, such as LASIK? We wish that our website provides all the information you're looking for. If you have any question or concern, feel free to give us a call at 6664 8103 or send us a message.The arms have some superb detailing that keep them cutting edge, but not too much.

The fit is superb, and the clarity of vision with these lenses is amazing.

The style is definitely unisex and the frame material is eco-friendly, so it ticks all the boxes.

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer's

The ultimate in unisex sunglasses, and the second of our retro entries, is the classic styling of the RayBan Wayfarer. Basically, what's not to love?

These are the best sunglasses around for looking cool, and of course Ray Ban makes sure that your eyes are protected all the way.

Of course the Wayfarer's have come a long way since their hay day in the eighties so you have a whole slew of color ways to choose from in 2012so they definitely can be made more to your tastes if you don't fancy the classic black look. Consequently the price can vary from 70 dollars to over 200 depending on your choice.

Take a look over at Amazon for the choice how much are single vision lenses price options.

D&G Polarized DD3065

Fancy some top designer style with the latest in polarized lens technology? Well this pair of D&Gs are actually not as expensive as you might think at around 190 dollars, which isn't exactly a bargain but the styling ensures that these will be still be fashionable in five years time.

Polarized lenses don't just cut out the sun's rays but they reduce glare too, so whether you are fishing, surfing, on a cruise, or just lazing by the pool, the glare from that water will not be a problem. This hot tech also ensures that your clarity of vision is improved too - in other words everything isn't just blanked out, you can still see the golf ball on the course with ease for example.

D&G do offer other styles with polarized lenses that are less expensive, so it's worth checking their range out.

Oakley Jupiter Squared

I picked this pair of Oakleys specifically because they really do cover both bases when it comes to keeping both boys and girls happy.

They too feature the new polarizing tech for lenses, but have style in spades. You have a choice of seven frames, and seven lenses, so that's a lot of different combinations open to you to keep your personal style in check. They are a new style for 2012 but contain a lot of classic elements that will keep in fashion for a long time to come.

VonZipper Kickstand SunglassesI love these sunglasses because they have such a unique look - if you want a pair of sunnies that are different from your friends but that don't have vision in dim light 'in your face' look then this is the one for you. They look really different with a tortoise frame and bronze lenses so are great for a bit of a contrast to the usual black and metallic options.

They are a great unisex choice too; keep them away from your other half.

The best part though, is that although you get designer looks and retina and vitreous great build quality, they will only set you back around 90 dollars, which is a great price for this standard.

JiMarti XS Sport Wrap TR90 Unbreakable Sunglasses

These sporty JiMarti sunglasses are just the pair for covering a whole lot of situations with one pair of sunglasses. They're great when chilling on the beach but stay put when cycling, fishing, running, or whatever activity you care to do. The best part? They are super value costing only around 20 dollars.

They are "unbreakable" and have a classic shape that suits any kind of face shape whether male or female. Of course there are a whole heap of colors to choose from too.

They are supremely comfortable, which is amazing for the price, and offer a great all round protection for your eyes.

A really great value choice that will keep anyone happy.

So that's our top ten sunglasses for men and women covered - what's your favorite? If you think we've missed one then drop us a comment below. Remember though, to choose one that suits you and not your partner or you'll end up squinting against the sun's ray again!

Contact Lens Health Study Reveals Gross Trends

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Think you're the picture of health when it comes to contact lens cleaning and use?

We're not so sure we believe you.

A new study in the journal Optometry and Vision Science shows that just 2 percent of contact lens wearers actually follow all the rules when it comes to contact lens hygiene, while eyeball parts than 80 percent of people believe that they follow good practices, NPR reported.

The biggest no-nos we commit are showering, swimming and sleeping while our contact lenses are still in, and using our contacts longer than we should before starting a fresh pair, NPR reported. Other contact lens sins include "topping off" the solution in the contact lens case instead of using fresh solution each day, and never or rarely replacing the lens case.

"This is particularly common with lenses approved for two-week use," Randall Fuerst, OD, a spokesman for the American Optometric Association, told WebMD. "People often use them for three weeks or even a month, which can cause problems."

In this new study, 72 percent of the surveyed contact lens wearers said they have experienced discomfort from their lenses and 47 percent reported having had an infection from their lenses, WebMD reported.

ABC News reported on the potential problems that can arise from not following proper hygiene:

Mild problems include conjunctivitis, spots on the eyeball inflammation commonly known as "pink eye" that can be caused by a bacterial infection. Generally, a few days of eye drops and care can completely resolve this problem. On the other side of the spectrum are Acanthamoeba, pseudomonas and E. coli infections that have the potential to rob victims of their sight or even their entire eye.

"We see patients all the time with pseudomonas ulcers, gray green pus, they go blind," study researcher Dwight Cavanagh, a clinical professor of ophthalmology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, told NPR. "We see amoeba infections from people showering in their contacts, going swimming in lakes. Have you been thinking of getting rid of glasses or contact lenses through a refractive eye surgery procedure, such as LASIK? We wish that our how the eye evolved provides all the information you're looking for. If you have any question or concern, feel free to give us a call at 6664 8103 or send us a message.These infections are horrible."

To minimize the risk of these complications, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Contact Lens Association for Ophthalmologists, the Cornea Society and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery offer these tips:

- Always use soap and water to wash your hands and make sure your hands are dried with a lint-free towel before handling lenses.

- Try to avoid contact between your lenses and water (example: remove lenses before going swimming).

- Don't rinse or store lenses in just water, whether tap or sterile.

- Never wet your lenses with your saliva.

- Saline solution and rewetting drops are not meant to disinfect your contact lenses.

- Discard your old lenses and start a new pair when you are supposed to (based on the schedule given to you by your eye care professional).

- Properly clean and store your contact lenses.

- Rub your lenses with your fingers and then rinse them with solution, when cleaning your lenses (even if you have "no-rub" solution!).

- Rinse your contact lens case with solution, not water. Allow the case to air-dry.

- Replace your contact lens case every three months (at the very least!).

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Have you seen reddish, bluish or purplish looking veins that sometimes crisscross or run over someone's legs, face or body? These are thread veins functions of eyes if you have these, you may be embarrassed to wear short dresses and shorts that could reveal these ugly-looking thread veins. The good news is that you need not be saddled with this problem forever.

Thread vein removal has been made possible with the developments in technology. The procedure like laser hair removal procedure is now being performed in many clinics all over the world. Thread veins are caused by several factors, 20 percent of the world's 20-year old population is treated with thread vein treatment, and about half of the world's 50-year old populations suffer from it.

After a laser thread vein treatment, you can already wear the shorts or bikini that you had been eyeing for a long time but were too embarrassed to wear it because of your thread veins. Just like laser hair removal, thread vein treatment gives you a new lease in life and helps improve your personality.

Visit a clinic near you and consult a specialist or an experienced plastic surgeon to assess your situation. It is necessary because there may be times when your thread veins may be connected to any underlying varicose veins and the process of thread vein treatment may instead cause harm than good. If a connection is detected, a specialist will first treat the varicose veins or perform a combination of treatment for both varicose and thread veins removal.

In the process of laser thread vein treatment, the blood in your veins will absorb the energy form the laser, generating heat in the process. human eye function heat will degrade the lining of the blood vessels, causing the walls to stick together and seal off. The vein will be absorbed by your body and will disappear. About two or three laser thread vein removal treatments may be needed for any area.

Laser thread vein removal is permanent in most cases, but you may develop new thread veins in new areas of your body that may require treatment. Have you been thinking of getting rid of glasses or contact lenses through a refractive eye surgery procedure, such as LASIK? We wish that our website provides all the information you're looking for. If you have any question or concern, feel free to give us a call at 6664 8103 or send us a message.If a large thread vein needs to be removed, you may suffer a little discomfort just like laser hair removal during the procedure but specialists usually apply a local an aesthetic cream before the procedure.